My personal links page

I maintain a database of links which interest me; this is in the form of a Microsoft Access database, with each link having a major category and two subcategories, along with an associated URL and description.

I've written code to walk through this database and either write out a web page (usually called AUTOHOME.HTML) or a Netscape bookmarks file. This is the page I use as my default page when I start up Netscape of Internet Explorer.

A number of people have asked me for copies, and I'm happy to make them available; of course a number of the links are of interest only to me, but these may easily be edited out or just ignored.

I'm often adding to the links database and re-writing the AUTOHOME.HTML file. To keep the versions straight, the code time-stamps the file (right under the Stonington Weather block in the upper left-hand corner, near the link about this page). From time to time I will post a new file here on this site, which you may download if you'd like a more recent version than what you might have.

To download the current file on this site, right click on the URL below and select "Save link as..." and specify where you'd like to put it on your local disk:

(Of course you're also welcome to just use this URL as a useful page of links; bookmark it or set it as your default if you'd like.)

Enjoy it, and don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like me to add anything, or if you find any dead links.