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3D Dynamic DataViewer

This $35 product will let you view Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data in interactive 3D, letting "fly through" your data. This will let you see patterns in your data that you might otherwise miss. It is an excellent presentation tool. You may try it for 30 days, then if you like it you should buy it (after that it will still continue to work, albeit with continued warnings that you should purchase it). To download it, click here or below.


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet:

Excel data example
 3D First View
 The 3D Dynamic Dataviewer lets you quickly view data from Microsoft Excel, in interactive 3D. You can rotate and zoom using the mouse, look up data values, and see the row and column plots on the back walls. The 3D Dynamic Dataviewer will give you a much richer intuition about your data than looking at the raw numbers in Excel will. It is a great tool to present information to people unfamiliar with your data.

The 3D Dynamic DataViewer may be used directly from an Excel menu, or it may be called via a Visual Basic for Applications interface. This lets you, for example, create buttons in Excel applications which will bring up specific displays. Or, you may just interactively select data and quickly display it.

Platform Requirements
  • A 32-bit Windows operating system, such as Windows 95/98/NT
  • A 486 or Pentium processor
  • 8 Mb of memory
  • Microsoft Excel version 5 or newer
  • At least 256 colors graphics
  • 5 Mb of disk space
This product uses graphics libraries which are designed to operate very efficiently on PC hardware, especially video cards from the last year or so, allowing you to interactively fly through your data. With these cards, hardware rendering allows very fast and smooth image presentation. Even without such a card, a Pentium PC will do a very nice job of allowing you to interact with your data. Although a 3D video card isn't required, you will certainly benefit from one.

To download a copy, click here . Running this will install a 30-day trial version of the 3D Dynamic Dataviewer. At any point you may choose to purchase the product.

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